Thursday, December 4, 2014

it's not that i don't care, it's that i don't care

in response to a post about judging. 

we actually have this conversation at our house. i tell people that it's not that i don't care about them it's just that i don't care. so, i care about their health and safety but what they do is their business. (please do not mistake that for not getting a truthful answer if you ask.   be sure you really want my opinion if you ask.)

the other side is i don't care what you think. that goes farther with me than with most. i means that i do not do things to get a rise out of you, to make you think i am weird, or normal, or crazy, or funny, or serious or anything else.  i really don't care what other people think.   i am not going to do all the things i want to because it know the thought process of my area and don't want to be arrested.    not that i am wanting to do illegal things but if i went shopping in a gorilla costume, or some of the other fun things that run through my head . . .well, they just don't have a great sense of humor here.   it's misconstrued as needing medical attention.   i will still run around barefoot, which freaks a lot of people out, and play roller coaster on the sidewalks with my kids, but i do have to be aware of what will have repercussions

not caring about what others think has some exceptions. 

God's opinion matters to me, it's the only one i will work to conform my thoughts and actions to.

 my husband's opinion also matters to a lesser extent. more than he thinks but less than God's. 

other family and friends have some weight with me or i simply turn to them for opinions and then weigh it with my own thoughts and decide from there. please understand that not caring what others think does not mean that i do not listen to other opinions. i do, and i consider them. sometimes it affects my personal opinions to some degree, small or large, sometimes it spurrs research, sometimes it doesn't.    

not caring does not mean that i will just say what i want and do what i want even if it hurts another person's feelings.   i will try to be polite, tactful, and kind as well as really honest.   yeah, it's kind of a balance.

pretty much, i just don't have time to care about what anyone else thinks or does. like my grandma always said, "you just take care of you and you will have your hands full." (in respect to judging and not meant in regards to service and charity.)   so, you know, if i choose to grow some horns, i will.   if you choose to implant a 3rd eye, do your thing.   if you need help because you blinded yourself doing it, i will still help you get through the maze . . .i might tease you about it though, cuz i am just a good friend like that.

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