Friday, October 2, 2015

butterfly braid

super cute but super easy braid with a fun look to it.  

you will need pencil or some kind of rod to put in the braid.  just use something that slides in and out of the braid easily.   sharpened pencils tend to stick on the wood for me and pens obviously have too many little things to catch on.   i used a crochet hook, just make sure you only go one direction with it.

start with a normal underbraid.
stick your rod into the braid try to keep it kind of horizontal.  
separate a small section from the section you are working on and wrap it up and around the rod then just put it back in the braid as normal.   
i did two sets of loops and then a small section of regular braid and then moved the rod down and made two more sets of loops.
you could make loops all the way down or just a few at the top.   if you don't move the rod down you will end up with larger and larger loops.  i did that too one day and it was also really cute.   kind of floppy loops on the side of her braid.