Monday, November 11, 2013

laced up locks

this is a fun technique.   it's pretty basic and really simple but gets rave reviews.
 it's useful to have a little loop to pull the ribbon through the braids.   you could probably do it without but it would be harder.

so, two braids (or more).    parallel or not. see how easy i am to get along with?

my first try was with braids on the outsides.   i started lacing from the front but spaced them too far apart.  i think the bottom looks great but wasn't pleased with the top.   i pulled the side braids together at the bottom with the ribbon and then tied the ribbon around the hair to make it more of a pony at the bottom.   that turned out really cute!

this was my next experiment with the ribbon.   
i brought one braid down from the front right to the side left across the front.   the other braid came from the right front down the right d´side and then across the back a bit.   
i laced the ribbon through every stitch in the braid this time and only went part of the way down.  i also ended both ends in the same side which was really cute as well.   

you could lace from bottom up or do paralele braids.  this could be used for anything.  i am seeing team colors or bridal/bridesmaid hair.   imagine the possibilities, i know i am.   i will be back to this post with new trials of what works and possibly what didn't.   you might as well learn from my mistakes too.