Wednesday, November 20, 2013

kids find secret room behind the book case update

i know many of you have read the mysterious story of the room hidden behind the book case.

i have done quite a bit of research since i just can't let something like this go.
i thought you might want to know what happened after the story was written.

the family spent several days living with friends and family while the police searched.   one story says the police felt the person had moved on and one says that they felt it was a child since the space was so small.   both ways, there wasn't much response.   the family took things into their own hands and began to search out the space.   they searched the house trying to figure out how the perpetrator was getting in and out.   they eventually found a window that didn't lock properly every time.   the window was replaced and an alarm system was installed. after a few months with no apparent disturbance in the little room, they began to feel more comfortable.   they tried to decide what to do with the strange little space they had found.   logically, it was useful for nothing more than storage considering the size.    after throwing some sleeping bags and camping equipment into it, the space was not given much  more thought.

after more than a year of the original occurrence, the space was nothing more than a conversation piece.   one of the sons was assigned to map the house in their math class.   they figured this should be a fun project considering their little secret room.   the first measurements and drawing was done, but wasn't matching  up.   he measured again, drew again, but still came up with things not lining up correctly.   the family helped out next, even with everyone working together, the drawing was not matching the house they could see or the measurements they were taking.    beginning to worry, the father of the family talked a friend about it who was an engineer.   the engineer took precise measurements and drafted a blueprint for the family.   even the engineer was stumped and told the family that the blue print was not entirely accurate.   no matter how many times he worked it, the plan never came out exactly the same way twice.   none of the plans drawn from anyone came out the same way twice.   the problem seemed to stem from the secret room and some of the surrounding walls.

meanwhile, as the engineer worked on the blueprints, the boys had been exploring the secret room more thoroughly.   they had actually began decided to start using a hammer to bust through walls.   before the hammer came out, mom took one last stab at the room.   she did what moms do and found the unfindable.   the space was half way up the stairs, she discovered a piece of wood that moved to the side and revealed a key hole.   yeah, guess what that key they found went to.   obviously there had to be more than one since the person was gone and the spare key was still in the room.   she used it and found a tunnel!

the police were again called.   this time they took things a bit more seriously.   the search of the tunnel revealed not only a secret entrance to the house but also more little secret spaces.   in the other spaces were more evidence of someone or something living in and under their house.   evidentiality, the loss of the smallest and highest room in their secret den was no deterrent.     the search turned up more and more strange things.
as they searched, they turned up five more rooms.   each seemed to have a specific purpose.   it was determined that the first room they discovered had been for kids, hence the dolls and candy.    they found rooms resembling kitchen and toilet usage.   whomever had been living with them had been using their water, sewer and power but obviously in very small amounts.   it seemed almost as though it was a primitive family living inside a modern house.   bizarre food stores were found.   all seemed salvaged or hunted.   mostly rodents dried or smoked into jerky.   other gathered fruits, nuts, roots were hanging or stored in the "kitchen".   little was found for cooking as such.   all of the rooms and the entrance tunnel seemed small for our standards, shorter and child sized.

now, here's the part that will have you questioning your own safe and happy home.   as they began to explore the tunnel, or i should say tunnels, they found that there were more mini homes under several more houses in the neighborhood!      there was a neighborhood under the neighborhood!   every house that had a secret entrance, was built by the same builder.  a builder who had soon after gone out a of business and left the state.   each entrance lead to a mini house like the first.   each had similar small dimensions and similar family living evidence.   they followed the main tunnel to the end where it came out between a landfill and a nuclear power plant!   now we know where the store is.   the landfill provides plenty of discarded clothing rodents to hunt, wild plants, and obviously, toys for the kids.    the garbage was providing for not only one family but several.

with so many people being supported and living under foot, why had no one seen them.   that is still a mystery.   why did the builder actually build these mini houses into the neighborhood?   again a mystery.   he must be a friend of the colony or possibly one of them, not to mention every worker that helped on the projects.   here is the question that everyone should be asking though - how many more colonies are out there?   where are they?    who is living under your feet?

to be fair, they seem to be symbiotic, other than the stolen candy, nothing seems to be missing from the houses.   assumably, a child that snuck up to get candy without parents knowing.   no one was ever harmed, no one had anything stolen or missing that they had noticed.   but maybe that's what happens to the missing socks from the laundry.   imagine, how many other colonies might be out there.   how many neighborhoods, towns, states or even countries have these underground people living under them?  what else is going on under your nose and feet that you have no idea exists?   and here is possibly the most important - if they are not harming anything, why do we care?     while  most of the residence that had these mini houses found under ground were totally freaked out and had them closed, a few said to leave them alone.  no harm, no foul, no kidding!

i know i have learned a lot and had my eyes really opened from researching this story.   i have also had a lot of fun writing this totally bogus update.   yep, made it all up.  at least the update part, the original i have no idea although it seems a bit faux to me.   my friends on facebook were discussing the story and one of them said, "I just did some research on this and it says that this was posted over a year ago and the family was found dead right after these pics were taken . . . the man that was arrested for it admitted to living in the hidden space beneath the house. . . " which seriously made my heart jump for a second and then it made me laugh.   i decided i could up the ante a bit.   oh, yes, i have a seriously twisted sense of humor.

now, think about this though.   what is happening in the world that you know nothing about so it doesn't bother you?   things that are harmless to everyone, just disturbing to think about.   do we as a society force people into a form for no other reason than our own comfort?   maybe people are better off without so much interference and form fitting.   maybe you are better off without so much trying to fit the form.   and i think everyone is better off with some seriously twisted friends!   enjoy your day and sleep well!  

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