Thursday, December 19, 2013

grateful for jersey knit

i have been a total slacker lately with my gratitude.      such is life.
a few weeks ago, i made a jump rope for my tomboy princess out of jersey knit, (t-shirt material).
it worked great and came back to help me this week.

my shoelaces were wearing through . . . had worn through and been tied several times.   then my little blonde curls wore my shoes, broke the lace again and lost the end so i didn't have anything left to tie.   i was in the middle of something when it happened and didn't really think about it . . .until i had to go somewhere.   stink!   ironically, i had to go pick up the blonde curls when i remembered that the blonde curls broke my laces.  option: wear the hubby's shoes (too big) , wear sandals in the cold and wet (barefoot maybe if i didn't have to go into his school but not sandals.  barefoot is ok no matter the weather for a few minutes, but sandals in the cold, no. and i was going ride my bike), so, fix it is what we have left.    yah for the jump rope experiment.
i just cut a strip off of the same sheet i used for the jump rope, and laced 'em up.   i cut the end really slanted and used a crochet hook to pull it through faster.   you could use tape on the end for an aglet if you wanted though.   it totally didn't match, not really a problem for me.   i'm not fashion conscience.   my pant legs were long enough to hide it anyway.   i just have to put in, this is not a long term fix.   i had to fix my shoe twice before remembering to go buy laces.   i did want to see how long they lasted though.   not long.

the point is not the shoe laces.   the point is doing what you can with what you have, thinking outside the box, applying past experience to present situations that may seem totally unrelated.
the point is not fencing yourself in with the easy way, the normal way, the usual way, the everyday.
the point is it may or may not work, but you tried it, you learn from your failures.   and seriously, this failure was seriously cool!