Sunday, March 13, 2016

the "what do you want for dinner?" chart

i know our family isn't the only one that has the "what do you want for dinner?" discussion EV-ER-Y DAY!   ugh.

mom's done!   not having that convo any more!

the "what do you want for dinner?" chart was born.   TA-DA!

the nice thing about this is that you have the dinner cards all made up so everyone can look through them and know what is available.   half the time, no one knows what they want because they can't think of what all you make.   when we were making this chart, we went through the recipe box and were surprised at some of the recipes we had liked but forgotten about.   the chart really helps!  you could make the pockets big enough to hold the actual recipe if you wanted.   that would make dinner even easier.   my recipes aren't all on cards yet so we just made title cards.   keep an extra pocket for new recipes you try.   after a new recipe, ask if it's new card worthy or not.  

every week ask the family to fill in the chart.   we put some in sideways to show that they can be moved.   i put them in laying down if it has to be on that day.   crock pot meals on busy days, nothing difficult on days that everyone will be gone during the day etc.   of course, mom gets to move things or remove things but it gets everyone started.

of course, it is really basic because i don't have any fancy tools.   you can trick it out to your little heart's content.    i'll just give you the basics

you will need:
a piece of cardboard, cereal box or back of a notebook
clear packing tape, laminator, clear card holders or other clear film
small recipe cards (size optional)
hole punch
string or yarn

decide how your weekly planner should look like.    i made seven days and a place for the dinner cards and extra cards but whatever fits your style and space.

i made little pockets with colored paper and clear tape.   you could use trading card holders or make pockets like i did.  i measured the space, divided it up (yay!   math class wasn't a total waste of time), and cut pieces to size.   i made them by folding the paper to form a front back and bottom and cutting a window out.   make sure that your windows are smaller than your tape so you don't have to make two layers.   place clear tape on the inside first, fold the pocket over and run the tape across the front and around both sides to close the pocket.  

lay your finished pockets face up, side by side, bottom first.   run a piece of tape across the top of the pockets leaving part of the tape above the pocket.   attach the pockets with that tape that is hanging over the top.   continue this process from the bottom up.

punch a couple of holes and add some string for hanging.   done!

i don't even have the "what do you want for dinner?" convo anymore.   whoo - hoo!
hope this helps your family as much as it has mine.   love to see your version if you make it!