Thursday, January 28, 2016

number shake box

i don't know if i was just in a sheltered school system before or if this school is really awesome but they have a really cool way of teaching the kids things.   my son just started the first year of school, (in germany 1st grade even though the word kindergarten is german.   that's another story)   they learn everything at once it seems.   as they learn letters, they also learn words and syllables and sentences.    in math, they learn their numbers but also addition at the same time.   the pages they do are set up so that they are learning everything at once.   it's pretty cool.  

now that they are doing more addition, they have these shake boxes at school and worksheets to go with them.   my son wanted one at home because, let's face it, it's loud and active.   i think they have different boxes for each number but we made a multi functional one.

super easy and free to make

you have a worksheet with a number at the top and places to separate pieces of the number under it.   just look at the picture and you will get it.   they fill in dots for each bead and then write the numbers in the space on the right.   shake it several times to see the different ways each number can be made.

you could use sticky notes to put the total number in the lid if you wanted, this was a on the spot thing so it's just basic.

i used a sandwich box that had a hinge wearing out.  a duct taped hinge works for a shake box but isn't great for food since it doesn't wash well.   perfect solution to two problems.    flip top is probably easier, you could use a shoe box or just make one from a cereal box.

i cut a piece from a cereal box and folded it in the middle and duct taped it in.   you want to separate the sides but it needs to leave space to let the beads move freely between sides.   i left it with a bit of a slope so the beads would roll to the sides and be easier to count, (and because it was easier to keep it from flopping around this way).

they were doing under ten on the day i took the picture but have used the same thing for 10-20.