Friday, March 15, 2013

dinosaur/dragon lasagna

my little blond curls asks me really strange things at dinner time.   he asks, "who we eating?", "we having camel?", "is that cat?", "can we have dragon for dinner?".
to be fair, most kids switch some of those important who, what, where words up at first.   mine is learning 2 languages at the same time where who is wer and where is who and what is was in the other language.   so i like to think he really means what instead of who.
i am a smart mouthed mommy so i'm always telling him we are having weird things.   i'm also an informative mommy so when he asks if we are having camel, i inform him that we are not but they do eat camel in other countries.    of course, my other kids ask what else people eat and the conversation continues.   my towering teen likes to tease the other two as well.   (i don't know where he gets it)   so he brings up all kinds of other animals that get eaten.

always weird at my house.

 the dragons and dinosaurs come in with my zucchini lasagna.   i use small ones so i can leave the skin on.   it looks like scales or lizard skin.   you could add them to spaghetti sauce or whatever.   works the same.   you can call carrots giraffe,  egg plant is platypus, you get the idea.   my kids like veggies so i don't have to sneak things in, but if you do, this might be a good way.

enough talk, let's make the food already!

i always end up with too much in my layers and not enough pasta so my lasagna falls apart.   this time was better.   i mixed up all the chopped veggies together and the sauce and cottage cheese together.   less layers and i still get everything i want.   of course, every veggie layer gets shredded cheese.   just a little.  maybe a couple of cups per layer. . . just short of half a pound is all. . . per layer. . .x 3 . . . or 4.

i don't cook anything first.   a little sauce, then noodles, veggies and cheese, noodles, sauce/cottage cheese, noodles . . . . . end with cheese of course.  i cover mine with a platter so the cheese doesn't burn.

sometimes i use zucchini instead of noodles.   just slice them about 1/4 inch thick.   give or take a little.   still no need to cook them first either.    

veggie layer, before cheese or you can't see anything.
 last sauce cottage cheese layer with cheese on top.   i moved the cheese aside on the corner so you could see the mix.
 finished product.   i really need a deeper dish but you get the idea.

of course, when we have anything with tomato sauce, it gets chocolate milk.   it just tastes better with chocolate milk.   

t-rex agrees!

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