Tuesday, March 12, 2013

spider braid

 i have seen this how to picture going around face book and decided to try it out.   it worked out well but i can't find where this picture was originally posted.  sorry, i do try to give credit where it's due so i posted the picture instead.

it's pretty simple, it's not great for a running in out and though kind of day, but did fine for a regular school day.   we had a few strands come loose but it still looked fine by the end of the day.
 as you can see, you split the hair, make a pony tail in the center and braid around it bringing in pieces from the pony as you go.  
 at the bottom , you could go with two separate braids, braid the 6 pieces to gather or just do like i did and overlap the braids and join the sections and continue with a regular braid.

 super cute.   it does leave a little bump in the middle, you could make it higher with a larger band or small like i did with a small, loose rubber band.   this would be fun on halloween and just do 4 pieces on each side and then color them to really look like a spider, you could even go fancier and braid a little and wrap it into a center roll for the body.  how awesome would that be?   i thought about braiding section of the pony to bring into the outer ring but just didn't have time.   as i have more time to try these ideas out, of course, i'll take pictures and update you.   like i could resist that!   my dear princess knows that if i do something different, she's going to have to hold still for pictures at some point.   even if it's in front of the school or as she's getting into the car.    what a patient princess.