Thursday, March 21, 2013

imagine the gratitude

if you have imperfect vision, you get to see part of the world fuzzy.

it's kind of cool unless you need to know what is actually going on.

other than that little problem, it is a blessing.   i love looking at the fuzzy world and deciding that things are not as they might normally appear.   i may know that it's a dog and a guy walking down the street but without my glasses, it looks like a sasquatch and his son, or a large mushroom and her daughter.   depending on how far away they are, they can be all kinds of things.

now, put your glasses on, and do the same.   look at the world and think, that needs to be purple and green with orange spots .    now, see it . . really see it.  

the trees brushing the clouds in the sky's hair.    the stick rolling and laughing in the dirt.   the buildings discussing the people walking by.

here's some simple ones . . slide on the ice, jump in the puddle, make the snowman, feel the sun, listen to the rain.   smell the tree bark and feel the flowers.

there is no reason to take your feet off the ground, but you have to poke your head up, shake out your hair, squint your eyes, and cup your hands over your ears.   really, it doesn't sound like the ocean but it's cool, even better if you put one end of a slinky over each ear and move your head, that's awesome!   if you squint your eyes enough, your lashes will form little stars over your vision.    now, pull your hair up and over your head and put on your glasses over your hair.    oh yeah!    classic uncle it.   now, just lean over and look at your feet surrounded by your hair.   isn't this fun?

ok, i'm easily amused but i am never bored.  i 'll take silly over bored any day.

ok, that's it.

i just wanted to say, stop being so serious!  other's may think your crazy, but we both know better.

ooh, one more, lean over, relax your face, and shake really fast while making noise . . .wait, just bounce your lips with your finger.   that's fun too.   wait, another one - you know that song that's stuck in your head, sing out loud and dance to it.   no, walk like a duck or a chicken or a monkey.    oooh, elephant trunk arm!   yeah, that's fun too.

and now, i am done. . . .for now. . unless i have some other crazy thing jump into my head . . .

the moral of this story is this, be responsible, take care of your family and friends.   always try to make yourself a better person than you were the day before.   love God with all your heart, mind, and soul.   you can do that and be a silly crazy silly kid at the same time.   enjoy the ride all the way to the end.   you only get to take it once.  

and finally -

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