Thursday, July 4, 2013

biking thankful thursday

in honor of thankful thursday, today i am grateful for bicycles. i ride mine to school every day. it's cheaper on gas and better for my figure than driving. plus, no parking problems. 
here are a few more reasons i am grateful for bikes -
bicycle mechanics helped the inventors of the airplane which made travel really fast and brought my husband to me across the ocean. (how's that for a jump?)
mr. mcfeely would look silly on a horse.
bikes can be hooked up to power all kinds of things. i did that in school and just powering a light bulb takes some serious leg muscles. 
bike inspired motorcycles and i love those.
and just as an irony -oprah started my gratitude thing -i am grateful for bikes today - lance armstrong is a bike racer - he admitted to doping for his races to - - - -oprah! that's just a bizarre realization i made while typing. i am easily amused. 
have a great and grateful day!

just for fun -

6 person bike at faschings

another faschings bike - this one is technically a trike but it's all wooden!   ok, mostly wood, but still cool! 

a nine person bike in berlin that my son used to get around with his class.   nine people pedal and the rest stand in the middle for a free ride!   how funky is this?