Sunday, July 7, 2013

pinterest spammers beware.

seriously not trying to be negative.   i tried just uploading the pin but it wasn't working so i am posting it on my blog so i can pin it.   

now, that i think about it though, this gives me an opportunity to say a couple words.
courtesy, responsibility, unselfishness - i know, becoming endangered species.   pin what you want to pin but do it right.   a few pins of the same thing on different relevant boards, fine.   five, ten, more pins of the same thing all at once, especially on the same board -really guys?  is this even working?   who isn't so ticked off by this that they aren't ignoring you completely?

i think there are those few who ruin it for the rest of us everywhere and in every aspect of life.   stand up!   be polite, but stand up!   so often we just let things go, we don't want to make waves, and we get run over. we teach people how to treat us.   it's ok to ask questions.   it's ok to question authority.   it's ok to say you don't agree.   it's ok to say no!    other may not agree and you won't win every battle.   stand up and make your voice heard anyway.   if nothing else, others that feel the same way you do, will know they are not alone.   maybe next time, you will take the battle.
rush really hit me with, "if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice".  i grew up with those words in my head and hear them to this day when something like this comes up.   if you choose to let others make your decisions, you may not like the decision, but you have chosen it by default.

so, stand up.  make your voice heard.   be kind, be polite, be truthful, be your own voice.

here is a new feature from pinterest to help fight spammers -