Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas stick tree

this year, we are finally in a house again and able to put up a tree.   the problem is that we don't really have room for a big round thing.   i saw a post on pinterest that made a  tree from branches so i thought i'd try it!

i didn't have big branches so i used what we had around.   i have some long thin straight decor sticks that i salvaged from the garbage.   we also have  a garage covered in weed vines.   worked for me!

i laid some guides down and taped them to the floor in a v to keep my tree going in the right shape.    then we just laid the straight "trunk" sticks in the center.   we brought in our vines and started laying them across the v and cutting to length.  
 i laid some more straight "trunk" sticks across the top since they are thin and wired the vines in bunches to the "trunk"   then i wanted to make sure it was stable so i wired a couple more straight sticks to the outside.   it just keeps the vine bunches from flopping around, keeps them in a tree shape.

the kids had fun helping me put this together.   we leaned it in a corner and decorated it.   my little blonde curls likes to make a fort around it  and play under it so it must pass as a real Christmas tree. 

btw, this is just a bit more of our homemade Christmas.   we made salt and flour dough beads.   stuck them on a bamboo skewer and let them dry.   then just painted and strung them for our garland.   we also rolled paper beads.   just magazine strips and a bit of school glue.   the kids loved making these.   it's pretty heavy so you'll need some sturdy branches.