Monday, December 17, 2012

crochet patch

this is another one i did from the front of the hole instead of from the inside.   i free formed the patch and then just stitched it on.   i used a flexible cutting board to put inside the leg so i could sew it on easier.   that is the orange showing through.
the other leg of the jeans i patched with black. a smaller hole and thin spot.
lately, i've had trouble with thin spots in jeans.   fixing the holes after they wear though is one thing but i wanted to stop them before it became another hole.   and i just wanted to experiment with personalizing my jeans.   i'll be doing this to spruce up several pairs now.   wheee!
ok, enough playing . . .yeah, right.
like before, i crocheted around the edge to work off of.   but, i learned something, stick something in the jeans to hold it open and it's much easier to work with, and it keeps the jeans in the right position so you don't have to worry about them being too baggy or tight.   i used a flexible cutting board.

i did a little bit of a pattern in this pair.   just to shake things up . . .and to speed things up.   it was late, i wanted to finish them so i could wear them the next day for a major test.   i like them, they are my favorite jeans!   and as a bonus, i felt like i had completed something so i felt better for the test too.   double win!

back side of the jeans.   you could do them from the front if you want them to look like this instead to cover the raw edges.