Friday, April 12, 2013

chillin' the gratitude

today i am grateful for refrigerators.
why, you ask?
because i want my milk cold.   the rest of the food being cold is just a perk.

ok, seriously, refrigeration is an amazing thing    have you ever thought about the ice box.   i mean an actual ice box with ice to cool it.   companies actually cut, stacked, hauled, drove, shipped, etc.natural ice from places where it's always cold.   they lost huge amounts of it on the way.   the ran it through huge saws to chop it down as fast as possible before delivering.   can you imagine?   your product melting before your eyes.   working as fast as you can because time really was money.   your profits were really just melting away.

fast forward to quantum physics.   now that is awesome!   it's the study of the super cold.  not naturally occurring cold, bose-einstein condensates.    amazing how molecules act in the extreme cold.   they all flatten out and lay together and start to act as one.   how cool is that?   a bose-einstein condensate actually slows down the speed of light!   crazy huh?

when you go to the fridge tonight for your midnight snack, think about how cool, refrigeration is, and be grateful

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