Friday, April 19, 2013

double spider braid

 if you missed the spider braid:

this is the double version.   at least it's the first attempt at it.   it's mixed with this technique -

section off your ponies, leaving loose hair around the outside.
you'll need to take little sections and get them ready before hand by crossing them to the other side to use later.    if you take a section from one side and then the other, you will get a weave effect instead of all of one side on the top.   you need to do this on the top and bottom.   don't section off all of it, you need some for the outer side of the ponies.
 start your braid around the outside and take in the little sections you separated from the opposite side.   i took in a little from the same side as well too far down.   this was an experiment.  i think most of the pony should go to the other side except the hair next to the braid on the outside.   that should come from the pony closest to it.   next time, i'll do it like that.   
at the bopttom, i just braided both braids together.