Friday, February 14, 2014

and two become one braid

this is a simple technique but adds a bit of class to a braid.   
split the hair in half and under braid bringing in hair at every turn.   you want to turn the braid to meet at the center ot the head instead of simply braiding straight down.   braid to the center of the head about half way up.   braid just s little past where there is no more loose hair to bring in and band it.   do this on both sides.   then make one overhand knot with the braided ends.    the braids should be one straight up and one straight down.   bring the braids together and carefully take the bands off.   you don't want them to come unbraided though.    keep your sections separate in your braids.   bring them together and join the sections together.   so the section from outside of the bottom braid should join into the outside section of the top braid and so on.   then just braid as normal.   

you can wrap it a few times if you want, the end is the same.   it turns out really interesting and is still pretty sturdy.