Friday, February 14, 2014

tiered waterfall braids

this is not the basic waterfall braiding technique.  even for church, my daughter is so active and her hair does not stay put so i have to use a sturdy waterfall technique.    the basic waterfall is more of a twist with a piece of hair being brought through the twist in each twist.   i do a braid, i bring in a little piece of hair from the front side.   just bring in hair from one side.   the opposite side, instead of the whole section of hair being let go through the twist, i keep a braid and only let go of half of the hair on the back side.   so, bring a section into the braid on the front side, let go of half of your whole section you are braiding on the back side.   hope that makes sense.

in order to do this hairstyle, i am using the same sections to go into and out of the sturdy waterfalls.   ok, not the same sections, but i keep bringing in the sections from the braid above and letting a little section out on the other end.