Friday, February 14, 2014

fat fishbone

this is a basic fishbone done very loosely and with gaps.   
to fishbone, you use only two sections of hair.   this is harder to hold onto while doing it since it does not hold onto itself.   bring a piece of the left side around in under into the right side.   then bring a section of the right side up and over into the left side.   that's it.   you can bring sections into it from loose hair on the opposite side instead as well.   
in this version, i fishbone for a few inches and then bring in loose hair once from each side and then plain fishbone again.   i left the hair a bit loose to give it this larger looser look.  
to end it, you can just continue your basic fishbone.   i liked a little more finished look.  i banded the braid and then took a couple sections in opposite directions around the end, through the place between the braid and the last section of loose hair that came in and then back down and around.   i then ran the ends through the rubber band.  i used a hair tool to do that.   really handy!