Friday, February 14, 2014

coiled snake braid

this is a swerving braid that goes back and forth across the head.   it's really easy to do.   i ended up making it an up do at the end.
start with a braid taking pieces into the braid from the front only.   then braid a couple without bringing in anything and bend the braid back towards the other side.   start snaking it.   still taking sections of heir into the braid from the front but now it will be coming into the opposite side.   continue this down to the end when you are out of loose hair to bring into the braid.

 bind the braid and twist the braid up onto itself.   you can see below where i have twisted upwards and then pulled the end through the braid on the head.   then just wrap the braided end around the braid on the head to secure it.

 to secure it, weave the end into the braid.   it gives an interesting and pretty sturdy hairstyle.

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