Wednesday, June 6, 2012

braided swedish piggies

i like the swedish piggies, but my tomboy princess needs braids to keep her hair from being tangled up in her adventures.   so we braided them.

i split her hair down the center.   doesn't have to be straight since the hair will be covering it.   love it when i don't have to think about the part in her hair.

then i had her hold the pieces i split from side to side.   i split pieces off from the right then left yada yada . . from about half way in so i had something to braid on the other side.

then as i braided i just added the pieces from the other side.   hope that made sense.   i think i confused myself.

 i braided the first side to the end, loosely.   then as i braided the other side to the end, i use a homemade topsy tail to bring the inside piece through the braid from the first side.

 i just had a hard time braiding today so it's a little loose in places.   yes, that is toes by her head.   it's the other end of the blonde curls.   he's helping.   we'll blame the piggy toes.

now, go braid those piggies!

another version of the swedish braiding.   i split the hair into three and then sectioned my sides for braiding.   i did it really loose for the first ones since it was for church and i wanted a softer look.   then i wrapped the ends up into the braids and left  the under part of her hair loose. 

this is actually later the same sunday.   after church, she's more tom boy and less princess so she wanted it off of her neck.   it was already sectioned off so i just un-braided one at a time and re-braided tight.   then i split the under part of her hair into 3 and braided it in.

i didn't even stop long enough to get a picture.  we went out into the forest and i just snapped a pic on the walk.   this is on the go hair!