Saturday, October 13, 2012

bouncing into thankful thursday

here we are at another late version of thankful thursday.   i am grateful that i'm not on a deadline.

this week i'm just grateful for rubber.

 we have ribber tracks on our skid steer.

there is rubber under thr keys i'm typing on.   that makes them pop back up so much better than the little spring system that they uses to use under keys.   plus the rubber protects the board underneath better.  just in case something random like a 3 year old spills orange juice on it.   ok, this last time that happened, it fried my space bar.   spaces are a minor detail when typing things up, but i kind of like them.   yeah for a new keyboard!

rubber is great for the bottoms of shoes. . .or socks for that matter.   my son has a little pair of socks with rubber on the bottom that he uses for slippers.

love rubber on gloves so i can grip things and keep my hands warm at the same time.   i'm not a big rubber glove user but a friend of mine is.   he did give us a few that did come in handy.   he gave them to us for cleaning but i used them for pulling stinging nettle out of my yard.   either way, handy.

rubber on the end of a pair of pliers kept my husband from flying across the room a few months ago.   he was taking nails out of our wall and found what he thought was the end of a nail embedded in the wall.   he figured he would just cut it off so we could paint.   not a nail!   it was the remains of a wire . . .that still had power to it.   fortunately, it just made a loud crack and a flash, no flying or frying thanks to the rubber on the handles.

i think the recycles rubber from tires is pretty cool.   they cut it up and make new roads out of it.   better for tire wear on cars and recycling tires plus no oil or asphalt.

who doesn't love a rubber ball?  come on, you know you do.   golfers, bowlers, tennis players, and dogs like their rubber for playing ball as well.

rubber bands!   not just good for holding things together or closed.   awesome for shooting little paper rockets across the room.   not that i would ever do such a thing .  i would never roll a little strip of paper really tight and then fold it in half and launch it at the kid that just shot me in the head.   and i would never shoot them so hard that they would leave a welt.   sure kept everyone from shooting me again though . . .not that i would ever do that.

we all need erasers at some point, yah for erasers!

bungee cords, i seem to need them quite a bit to hold something in place.   i've never had to opportunity to jump off of something high tied to one though.   maybe another day.

divers, water skiers, and all of the other water sports that use wet suits need rubber.   elastics and all things stretchy generally have rubber or latex in them.   more now you get neoprene but it started with rubber.

balloons!   love me some balloons.   now they are mostly latex, but rubber led the way.

rubber was the first gum, and i like gum.

all kinds of seals are made of rubber.

 floor mats, rug no slip mats, glues, shock absorbers and anti vibration mounts,  synthetic skins for medical uses, coating for all kinds of things.

ok, rubber is fun.
rubber is good.
rubber makes life better.
rubber makes life springy.
rubber makes life bouncy.
rubber makes life safer.
rubber makes life more lively.

let's not forget rubber baby buggy bumpers and rubber duckies!   where would we be without those?!

enjoy all things rubber this week!