Sunday, October 28, 2012

snowmen rock!

this is my latest experiment with rocks and crocheting.   i've made several necklaces but i wanted to start getting some Christmas ornaments done.   while meandering through my head, i happened upon this snowman idea.   at first i thought i'd paint some rocks white, then i remembered that i collected several white rocks from the lake this summer.  ironic, huh?
no pattern.   just crochet a circle and continue around the biggest rock.   then i made a 3 double crochet wide strip that attached around the next rock and on the other side.   i chained around both sides to cinch it down so the rock wouldn't come out.   repeated on the top head rock.   then i just used chains to make a hat and attach it.   the scarf is a chain, doubled back and around the neck.   really simple.

 it could use some improvement.   this is my first one.   i'm thinking i could make a santa head, and tree, who knows what else.

my kids and i just keep bringing home rocks so i better keep finding uses for them!