Sunday, January 20, 2013

potatoes au gratin aka chessy taters

this is my comfort food!
my mom makes them and has made them my whole life.   she makes them for a dinner to take to someone for a bring in meal quite a bit.   they are super simple, really good for winter because they are warm and great the next day as well.  

get out your butter, onions, salt pepper, oregano, parsley, and cheese.
shred cheese, lots of it!   i use a lighter cheese here in germany.   in the states we used cheddar, but you can use how ever many different kind you would like.   just cheese it up!
chop onions, about 3 medium ones.
wash and start slicing potatoes.   i throw them into water to rinse some of the starch off and keep them from getting black.

we set up an assembly line.   the kids help and it helps me remember what i have to do in each layer
a bit of butter on the bottom of the pan, it also goes a lot quicker that way.

layer of taters
dots of butter
salt, pepper, parsley, oregano.   don't skimp on this step, taters don't have a lot of flavor on their own.

repeat, and repeat, and repeat. . . . when your almost to the top, press down a bit to pack it some.   you can get a few more layers in now . . . repeat, repeat, repeat . . .

bake at about 350* until the taters are not boney.   40 min to an hour.   i slice my taters thin so it doesn't take as long.   and i cover them the whole time so it doesn't burn the cheese.