Monday, January 21, 2013

sidewinder braids

i'm kind of getting back into the swing of things now.   i have been such a slacker lately but i think i'm making a come back.   
here's what we ended up with this morning.   
brush all the hair over to one side.   split sections across the head, all ending as close to one spot as possible.   

from front to back, start braiding across the head.   then, start with the second from the bottom, and tuck the braid into the one below it.   the next one up, go under the one below and over the bottom.   the top goes under over under.

 at the bottom, braid all of the braids together.   i just tucked the braid from the top in with one of the other braids because it wasn't long enough to make it to the bottom.   it laid flat at first but because it's braided braids, and i do it tightly, it curls up as you can see in the top picture.   you can tuck the end of the braided braid into itself underneath but i didn't think about it until we were heading out and it curled up.  oh well.   turned out cute anyway.