Sunday, January 20, 2013

pull over braidey locks

 one side braided
 then 3 small braids straight across the head.
 then braid those into the other side.
  i was going  to braid all the way down but ran out of time so i just got the top 3 in and pulled the rest in as best as possible.  

kept it out of her face and from getting loose during her crazy days at school.   and that just the whole point of it.  

this is the dual sided version of pulling it over.   i sectioned off the sides first so they stayed separate.   then, starting at the top, section and braid.   i didn't have time to braid all the way to the bottom so i just banded it off at the bottom of where the row ended and left the ends unbraided since it was going to be braided into the main braid anyway.