Thursday, May 31, 2012

smelly car flower

my husband has a tendency to smoke in the car when we are not with him.   i can't convince him how much it stinks and no matter how much i get after him, he still does it.   that inspired me to do something about the smell.   we have 3 kids so there are other smells on occasion but he was my muse on this one.  

i've used coffee grounds to absorb smells in the kitchen, sock drawers and fridge/freezer so i figured i'd try it out here as well.

i made this flower from the site below but i added coffee grounds in each petal.    i crocheted a small circle for the center because i didn't have a button i liked for it..   then i stitched it to a piece of wire for a hanger and stuck it on the vent.   it really helps absorb the smells.  

i've just been setting a small cup of it out everywhere but i think i'll make some more of these instead.   fridge/freezer might not work since it might get wet in just fabric but a sock drawer would probably work.   shoe inserts for at night maybe?   hmmm . . .the ideas are still swirling. . .oh the possibilities.

i took the pattern from the top site but found the other site in my pinterest as well.