Saturday, May 19, 2012

wrapped braids

 i saw this similar thing done on this youtube video -

i don't have an extra set of hands to help me out except my daughter who is obviously not in a position to assist the same way, so we improvised.

basically, i made 2 braids in the center and then wrapped the remaining hair around the braids.   bring the hair up and over, then cross and go under the opposite side.   start with a small portion and then add to it every time you wrap.

i had my lovely assistant hold the braids out since i don't have a guy in a suit to help out.

 you could use a piece of light fabric like they did in the video but i didn't have any and her hair is long enough to suffice.

also, i just kept wrapping to the end instead of ending at the nap of her neck.  i figured it would hold better since my tomboy princess is too active for bobby pins, and the loose hair gets tangled when your out rough housing.   it twisted itself and looked rather nice for a first try, although its a tad crooked.  

aaaaand, now i get to go find the little blond curls that know when mom's hands are in sissy's hair, she's stuck.   come on, rug rat, its time to clean up your path of destruction.

enjoy this fun hair-do!