Friday, September 7, 2012

fun stuff in the driveway

chalk drawing are the best.   my kids love drawing with chalk.   my little blonde curls loves drawing on the car, furniture, trees, walls, and everything else with chalk.    yeah, we had to set some boundaries but at least it doesn't do any damage.   mom sits out with them and draws stuff.    they draw scooter courses, trails and hopscotch.   my tomboy princess likes to color each brick in the brick part of our driveway a different pattern.   great pattern play.   we call it her museum.     she drew a pizza for the curly boy and he decided to taste it.   yah for harmless chalk.   they actually started with a chunk of brick but then mom bought chalk when we went school shopping.   the older kids got school supplies, and the blonde curls got sidewalk chalk.   our driveway is very colorful now!

this was lots of fun!   i got something packed in bubble wrap somewhere.   it was a huge piece so the kids decided that instead of just popping the bubbles, they would drive on it.   they tried out every wheeled thing we had.   they walked on it, stomped on it, and hammered on it.   mostly they just enjoyed rolling things across it.   the scooter and skateboard wheels worked best.   bikes and wheelbarrows and wide tired things didn't work so well, but why not let your kids find that out for themselves?

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