Monday, September 24, 2012

peek-a-boo braids.

this is the first attempt at peek a boo braids.   first of all , i did those lop-sided braids.   the ones that are one large and two small pieces.   i just wanted to try them out.   i sectioned off the whole front and sides like a frame.   the i sectioned, sort of, the center down the center and 3 across on each side.   i braided the 6 center.   i braided the outside bringing in from both sides across the center braids.   as i got to a center braid, i just flipped it up and over to the front of her head so it was out of the way.   then they peek out of the pieces being brought into the main braid.   it turned out more tribal then i imagined but tribal is good too.   i'll attempt it again when i decide what i want different.   isn't experimenting fun?