Friday, September 7, 2012

hairy thankful thursday

today i am grateful for hair!   not just because i love my long curls or because it do crazy stuff with my tomboy princess's hair.   my mom and grandmother have beautiful hair as well.   some of the men in my family are known for their hair as well.   not on top, that's not really happening for the men in my family.   my dad says that it's because they are tall, they just grow up through the top of their hair.   yeah . . . ok, dad, we'll go with that.    no, the big gnarly beard is really part of  my dad and cousin especially.   they grow it out, shave it off and start with something different.   from sweet mutton chops to righteous goatee to full on burly beards.   i love the look of a nice handlebar mustache.   not sure i'd want to kiss one but it looks cool.

since we're here, let's start with body hair!   oh yeah!   big ol' hairy us!   body hair is useful no matter how much we don't like where it grows, how thick it is, how long it is, or how much there is (or isn't) of it.

hair keeps your pores open and helps the body rid itself of cells and other stuff your body just doesn't want anymore.   the hair in your nose and ears and your eyelashes all serve to filter things from getting into those orifices.   those are pretty handy hairs.

while i am grateful for all of those things, there are other things that hair blesses our lives with.   ok, some of the ones i found are less useful and more just silly.   but silly is a good thing as well.

i'm loving my animal's hair.   petting an animal is actually very calming.   that's one reason they have animals going to hospitals, retirement homes, and various kinds of therapy.   people with animals tend to have healthier hearts.   more allergies maybe, but it's worth it for me.    i am horribly allergic to everything, but i just don't feel whole without an animal in the house.  i don't go for the really fuzzy ones because they need more brushing.    those mop dogs and afghan dogs are cool to look at, as long as i don't have to take care of all that hair.   i have enough to do without brushing all day.

the long hairs on cats, whiskers, are there to keep them from getting into something they can't get out of.   when they put their head in something too tight, the whiskers pull and they back out.   that's how it's supposed to work, but some cats don't know that.

the thick coat of some dogs helps them get into and out of tight spaces.   chows thick coat keeps them insulated but also allows them to squeeze through small spaces because it protects their body from what they are squeezing through.   that was useful as war dogs in china, not so much with my uncles chow/escape artist.   that dog could get out of anything and any yard.

horse hair is really useful if your a music lover, the best bows are made from horse hair.

evidently, horse hair was the original fishing line.   i didn't know that.

where would artists be with out natural hair brushes.   horse, sable, squirrel, camel, boar, goat.   all have specific uses for painting with.   amazing!

i know a boar bristle hair brush is great for your hair.   it helps distribute the oils from the top of your head down to the ends.

next up.   i like to wear clothes, naked isn't my thing, so fabric is important to me.   i love knitting and crocheting so i'm diggin' yarn as well.   there are several types of animals that give us hair for fabric and yarn.   we use the hair from rabbits, alpaca, camels, sheep, and some goats.   some dogs have hair you can harvest for yarn as well.   anything with a nice fuzzy coat can provide some undercoat for making yarn.   i'm not into furs but it is important to a great many people living in the arctic climates.   if your eating it, you should use the coat too.   but if´your not eating it, don't kill it.      that's my environmental statement for today.

moving on . . .you can stuff pillows with hair, i wouldn't, but you could.   i might make a pincushion out of it though.   the oils in hair keep your pins from rusting and helps them work better.   my grandmother would always check the sharp end to make sure it was straight, then run it across her head, carefully, to put some oils on it to help it slide into fabric better.

evidently, you can use hair to absorb spills, especially oily spills.   i think i'd just end up with hairy oily hands.

jewelry!   when i was a teen, and friendship bracelets were popular, i actually made 2 friendship bracelets with my hair braided into them.   i know you can put a lock of hair in a locket, less creative, but useful all the same.

during your day today, think about all the things you do with hair.   not just swiping it out of your face and trying to keep it out of your mouth.   i have really long hair, i do a lot of this some days.   i mean, how else are you going to know when it's cold or scary or chilling unless your hairs stand on end?   how are you going to get your point across if you can't grab the hair on the back of someone's neck . . or chest hair works too.   where would that blond guy, um . . .fabio, (had to look it up) be without his golden locks?   elvis would just be left with swiveling hips and snarling lip without his coiffed hair.   he'd still be awesome though.

here are some of the sites i used to inform or just remind me of things i knew about hair.

the vid on this one is hilarious!   you have to get over the first boring part, just keep watching.

lastly, if you do want to get rid of some hair, here's a thing called threading.   i'm going to try it.   this is a great instructional video on how to do it at home.   this is really cool!

ok, kids, go be hairy!