Wednesday, July 18, 2012

denim diaper pocket

my kids think i'm a friggin' genius!   which is great except they come home and say, "mom, my teacher is pregnant and not coming back next year, can you make something for her?"   hmmmm. . . of course!   i am a genius, and i have pinterest to spark my imagination.   i decided on a diaper pocket, cuz i need one too, ya know, why not?

 i don't have money to spend on teachers gifts but i did just acquire some old clothes.   score!   i found these cute little snap leg jeans that my blonde curls are way past using and i don't know anyone else that needs them.   i tried the little diaper wipes packet in them and they fit quite nicely.   oh yeah, i so have this covered now.
 super simple.   lay out the jeans flat.   mark a line that's straight and fairly level as close to the crotch as you can while keeping the top even.   i used my blonde curls big building blocks to measure and mark.   they were handy as he was sitting there helping.   yes, i sew on the floor, i'm a freak, just go with it.    back to business. . . .
after i cut them off, they looked a little flaired at the bottom so i tucked the seam in between the front and back before i sewed it.   that gave it a straighter look and gave it a wider bottom.   whoo-hoo, double win.
sew it straight across.  i did it a couple of times so it would be more sturdy.   aaaaaand. . . .done!    wow, that was really hard!   and it took so loooong to do!   it took me about half an hour with the wonderful helper i had.   i had to play cars and discuss the animals, ya know, the important stuff.
quick, easy, fits a pack of wipes and three diapers with a lot of room to spare.   it keeps them in without flaps or anything to fuss with.   and has cute pockets for binkie, toys, teething stuff, stray shoes and socks, chocolate for mommy, the basics.