Thursday, July 19, 2012

needle gratitude

it's time again for thankful thursday!   today, i am grateful for needles.

being thankful for anything sharp may be a little strange for someone who is as klutzy as i am.   i can hardly look at something sharp and i draw blood.   honestly though, think of all the things that we use needles for.   they deserve some careful gratitude.

we'll start where i generally end up with sharp stuff, blood.   needles draw blood or other fluids for testing so we know what to treat.   then they insert things to numb so we don't feel the treatment.    and then insert medicines to keep us from getting sick or heal us when we are sick.   those are not fun, but glad we have them anyway.   needles make iv's possible so that we can be kept under for long operations, push fluids to keep us from drying out, nutrients to keep us alive, and deliver more blood when we lose too much of our own.   not to mention we wouldn't be able to extract blood and plasma to save those lives in the first place without needles.

after we have these fun things done, we often have needles sew us up.  sewing is much more fun to talk about when it doesn't involve flesh.   well. . . i quite like the stuffing sewn into the turkey, so people flesh.

i love sewing!   needles are handy for little rips in shirts, pants, and socks.   i don't darn socks anymore, but i have.   needles are literally life savers when your child comes to you with a hurt stuffed toy.   doctors wish they could replace eyes, arms, and heads as easily as mommy does.   my grandmother once sewed a rubber alligator back together.   what else are you going to do when your son comes to you in tears, "sew it, mama", with unfaltering faith in their eyes?   you figure it out somehow.

i have a couple of friends that are quilt queens.   they put together gorgeous quilts!   they are really artists.   my grandmother can sew anything.   she made a wedding dress from a dozen different patterns all smushed together.   the sleeve from this, the bodice of this with the neckline. . . crazy!   this woman is amazing.    she makes dolls and sews on curly yarn hair.   she makes stuffed animals with hinged arms, needs a really long needle to do that by the way.   the woman makes quilts, clothes, hems, fixes, and creates with her sewing needles.   i can't do that.  i can't really follow a pattern.   but i can look at a bag of scraps and make some clothes for the favorite stuffed puppy with no pattern.   that works for me.  

recently, my kids decided that they wanted to do something for their teachers this last few days of school.   ok, cheap and fast.   we are sewing!    i love sewing needles.

i love the blunt needles for little kids to bead with, great exercise for there motor skills and pattern making skills.    let's not forget beading, felting, weaving, cross stitch, embroidery, tatting needles and using needles for making decorations in clay and all other poking or threading needs.   we crafters have a thousand ways to use needles.

needles are one of the oldest if not the oldest tool in the world!   how amazing is that?   26,000b.c! really!  annie's has a great history of needles.   go learn something today, then your done and the brain can relax the rest of the day.   but first, go check out the history of the syringe, also cool.

there are also knitting needles.   i don't know how to follow a pattern with those either but i sure love using them.  

tattoo needles are a little like monster teeth to me close up, yikes!    at least a piercing needle i s just one.

acupuncture needles are pretty awesome.  i almost want to have it done just to try it out.  

a compass has a needle.   those are pretty handy.    how many years have people found their way around the world with a small magnetized piece of metal?  

gauges have needles.   how else would we know that something is about to blow up in a movie?

needles have inspired a lot of things as well.   i don't want to find a needle in a haystack, or try to fit a camel through the eye of one.  i don't know why needles inspire this guy, but it's really awesome!

there's a thing called a derma-roller that is supposed to help with wrinkles, fat and scars.   it has hundreds of needles on a little roller.   they roll it across your face or where ever the offending part of the body is.   it's a torture treatment designed to punish the bad parts of your body into behaving.   kidding, it's seriously like aerating a lawn, no, really, that's the theory.   of course, some people swear by it.   ok then, i'll try acupuncture thanks.

record players have a needle.   they may be out dated, but we have to start somewhere.

pine trees have needles.   wow!   that's a whole other day of gratitude.

there are also, needle bearings, just like ball bearings but with cylinders instead.   who knew?

use a needle to poke holes in both ends of an egg and blow the insides out.  

considering my history and fairy tale curses, i'll stay away from a spinning needle though, thanks.

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