Saturday, February 16, 2013

a tent for the tomboy princess

last night my tomboy princess asked if she could camp out in her room.  i told her of course.   a lttle while later, my handsome hubby went to check on her as he always does and found her crying because she couldn't build a tent.   good grief.  i didn't know she wanted a tent.   it's somewhere around 10 at night at this point, not a school night obviously.   so my husband comes down and tells me he's building the princess a tent. . . . wait, what?   then he explained what was going on.   i see wood going up and hear pounding.  i  think, our poor towering teen is trying to sleep in the room next to her.  i went to check on the progress and see what i could do to help out.   this is what i found. 
 really basic because hello, it's after 10 at night.   immediately, mom sees a problem with this plan.   how are you going to get the blankets to stay up?   hubby grabbed some tacks, mom has a better idea.
fitted sheets!   they hang onto the top and bottom all by themselves!    we draped a flat sheet over the back of the tent to complete it.   this is why my husband and i make a good team.   one of us gets things rolling and the other comes in with the rest of the plan.

there are plans for a collapsing version that she can keep  in her room and put up for herself.   i'll update when we figure that one out.     should be interesting.

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