Friday, February 22, 2013

knotty tiara

i just can't seem to leave things alone.  i have to tweak.
i was going to do some hearts in my daughter's hair, and i got distracted on the way.   
maybe another day.   but today, i'm going to show you her knotty tiara, which i did first.    then the next day, i did this crazed set down her whole head.
first, the tiara.
this is just a front section, split in half and braided on both sides.   then i brought them together and looped around each other went back to the braid it came from and then and tucked the end through that braid.   like the woven braids i've done before. 
then i went around back, crossed them and tucked them through the braid in the front, banded the ends together and tucked it under the bridge

the next day way similar but i brought the ends around down through the next one under it.   so, section off how ever many you want, i did three.   split in half and braid.   i tried to bring the ends of the braid together this time instead of being farther apart.   i ended farther apart on the plain tiara which made it wider.  up to you.

bring your braids around each other and loop back to it's own braid.   here is where i varied.   i did the next set and then tucked the ends of the braids above it through the loops of the braided knot under it.