Friday, February 1, 2013

drawn out on gratitude

today i am grateful for pencils.

my tomboy princess was doing her homework and couldn't find her ruler.   easy solution, she used her pencil to draw along to make her straight line.   genius.

i have always loved drawing.   my princess does too.  i am so proud of her work that i'm going to share it with you.  
horses are her favorite 

 and pokemon.   she makes these little pokemon in their  beds for her friends.   they bring her a pokemon card for her to look at and she draws that pokemon for them.
 fairies and friends
 and that brings us back to horses

now, really, think about all the things pencils do for you.   i know that we don't use them as much as we used to before our main writing utensil became a keyboard.   but there is something about a pencil in my hand that i love.   and i love an eraser!

i also love all the things i can do with a pencil that have nothing to do with drawing.

fold a pinwheel and pin it to a pencil eraser.

use it for an axle in your crafty cars

drumsticks!    yeah!   i play a mean book pile with pencil drumsticks!!

stick them in your hair to hold it up or as i do with my tomboy princess a lot, use it to separate sections of hair.

knitting needles, or whittle them down a bit and use them for crochet hooks.

the ever popular sword fights, pencil launching, torpedo pencils, all out pencil wars.

clean out shoe treads, window sills, and any other  little nooks and crannys that are too small or gross for fingers.

the classic mustache balanced on top lip under nose and/or walrus tusks, etc.  . . .

erasers make for an emergency earring back.   then you can use the empty end to drill holes in your pink eraser for a spare.  

magic tricks!   the super simple rubber pencil trick.   just hold in the center and wave it up and down really fast.

shove it in a fan and make a great noise that will scare everyone around.

chop it into little pieces, drill holes and string it for a teacher present.  works best with colored pencils.

stack them up in a log cabin

my towering teen says they shoot little paper tanks back and forth at each other.

push some buttons!   love pushing people's buttons

play with the cats

tie a string to it with a paper clip or magnet for a fishing pole game

draw really heavy on the wheels of your pinewood derby axles and inside the wheels for good ground in graphite.   or rub it on your key or zipper that is sticking.   same principle.   should help out

i've seen some scientists using the heavy drawing and then separating with tape to make graphene.  a single layer of graphite, one molecule thick layer of graphite.

balance it on your finger for as long as you can.

play spin the pencil.   write down the possibilities and spin.   great for making hard decisions!

twist it into a rubber band for a great spinning effect.  tape some little paper fans to each end and you have a cool way to stay cool.

back scratcher!

bookmark, at least for a minute

chew on it!

stake up a plant

make a picture frame

squish a spider

twirl it in your fingers

use the eraser to wear a hole in your jeans and thus making them "worn".  

often useful for removing scuffs from doors and floors.   not all erasers work for this though

making rubbings of raised surfaces

i'm loving me some pencil toppers and the bendy pencils that you can wear as a bracelet.

stick, legs, bodies etc for puppets

stabilize a floppy paper cut out or any other floppy signs or whatever

tickle feet

make yourself a mask and tape it to your pencil for a masquerade ball.

stick a bunch in clay and make a porcupine . . or hedgehog . . .or whatever

use the end to glue your crepe or tissue paper to your craft project to keep your finger clean and get the pieces close together

great cheap bulk gifts.  bus drivers and teachers love this one.

ok, i'm done for now . . .