Tuesday, August 14, 2012

blessed are the burros

every few years in our little german town, they bless the donkeys.   i don't know why.   when i figure it out, i'll let you know.

whatever the reason, we had to see it and here it is.

first, people were lined up down the street with their animals.   they brought donkeys mostly but there were a few goats and dogs and horses too.

the father read some things about what was going on but i didn't understand enough of it to tell you anything.   sorry, my german is still pretty bad.
then they brought their animals up as a femily and the father asked their name and if there was anything special for them and then blessed them with holy water.
some people brought the whole buggy.

this sweet animal wanted nothing to do with the man shaking water on everything and would not go anywhere near the building.   maybe she thought she would have to go in or something but she would not move!   so the father came down and slowly came to her, talking to her the whole time.   then she walked right up to him and he was able to give her her blessing.

this was a special contraption that was blessed along with the nice donkey pulling it.   it was designed for the grandmother who happens to be riding in it.   she is able to go out in the field and around with the family with this carriage that was made for her.
this is the ever important clean up crew, pulled by a very pregnant white donkey.   you can see her active baby sticking out on the sides in this picture.   yeah, that lump under the pole would not hold still.   poor mommy.   the wagon wasn't heavy but the baby was sure not happy with the straps and pole cramping its style.
of course the clean up crew got a huge round of applause and a blessing.

here are a few of the sweet faces and fashions we saw at the ceremonies.

this is actually the ribbon each animal received after being blessed

donkey love.   this guy was kind of nervous in the hub-bub


i love this dog, that was bigger than some of the ponies.   ever time i was within leash length i found him leaning against me.   i automatically just reached down and pet him.   big goofy dog.   he was really sweet.

this is one way to say, we have no idea if it's a boy or girl.   but judging by the jumping belly, there is no doubt that she's pregnant

sweet donkey cakes anyone?   just 4€ each!

after the blessings the donkeys headed for a treat on the lawn.   
no sweets, just salad, please.
my towering teen calls these chewbonkeys.   

peek a boo chewbonkey

after a snack, the donkeys headed down the road in a parade out of town.

when it was all said and done, the fire crew opened up the roads again and sprayed down the church entry way.   it really needed for some reason

hope you enjoyed this fun tradition.   our family had a blast and my blonde curls loved petting all of the donkey and doggies.   my tomboy princess helped me take pictures and she did a really good job.   my towering teen took the curly boy to the playground when he was tired of burro blessings. my hubby stayed with my shy princess when i went to get some closer pictures of things.   and that's the end of my thank you speech.
one more . . thank you for reading, sharing, enjoying, and following me.

ok, now i'm done.