Thursday, August 23, 2012

school artwork

i saw these great art projects from our local school classes displayed at the bank.   i wanted to do some of them so i took pictures.   now, i'm sharing the great ideas with you.
the first is the paper plate lion.   i've seen these before but they are still cute.

the second in the picture is the torn newspaper hedgehogs.   hedgehogs are really common here in germany.   they are a common toy, character for ads and sports, and art projects.   so you could do them as a germany project or make something else.   i think it would be great feathers for whatever bird.   it would be a good sea urchin or porcupine too.  

these are water colored papers that they then cut up into shapes to make pictures.   this is how eric carl does his pictures.
the top pictures were just water color painting.   i think they were supposed to be peeking through something from the looks of it.

the second set is circles of orange then black paper silhouettes cut for castles.   castles are also something that are common here and thus part of the cultural artwork.
these are cute little pictures from paper and yard.   snails are common here because it is so humid.   my kids love finding them.   some of them are as big as golf balls.
i'm not sure what the point of these was supposed to be but they looked cool.   it looked like quite a bit of work.   these are done by teens.   classe 7 is 7th grade in the states.    same age group.
the far left side of this picture is a cute idea.   everyone was given a picture of a nose.   they all got the same picture but came up with different pictures to go with it.   this would go great with a story project.

the second is "i paint the winter".   they were all given a copy of the same song.   i searched "ich male mir den winter" and came up with several results like the pictures they did.  one had this song, which i assume is common song.
 it says, translated by my limited knowledge, google and my towering teen.:
 "i color a picture, a pretty picture, i color the winter.   white is the land and black is the tree, gray is the sky behind.
otherwise there is nothing, there is nothing anywhere, nothing to see far and wide.   only on the tree, the black tree, sits two black crows, sits two black crows.
the crows now, what are they doing, what are they doing on the branches?   sitting there and not flying away.   they are cold and silent only.   cold and silent only.
(i'm still working on the last lines)

it looks like they picked out which parts they wanted and glued it onto the picture.   it's kind of neat to see what the different kids used and in what order they used it.

the far right is still life apples.

well, i hope you got some ideas for fun projects to do with your kids.   i can't wait to see what my kids get to do this year in these classes.

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