Friday, August 17, 2012

crown around a pony

another easy one.   

section off the front, gotta keep those shorties in.   i off set the braids so they didn't start in the center.   actually i only sectioned off the first side and faked the other.   that's why the part on that one isn't clean.   

just braid around, i stopped when i was getting in under  the main mass of hair because i just didn't want to mess with it.   continue the braids on both sides.   i just had my princess hold the ends because i didn't want to keep them braided on the ends.

 bring the rest up into a pony.   bring the braids up cross and wrap around the pony base.   then tuck the ends through and braid them in.   that holds them in place quite well.
we went swimming with this hair.   she had some shorties peek out so this isn't as swim worthy as the woven braids but it still held up other than those few strays.

go crown your tomboy's pony!