Saturday, August 18, 2012

crochet fix

my tomboy princess's pants have holes in the knees and a tear in the pocket.    i would generally just cut them off and hem them, but my sewing machine and i are not speaking right now.   and whatever i would do for the pocket would have to be by hand anyway.   i've been playing with crochet a lot lately, so i thought i'd give it a try.

first i had to have something tó attach the crochet to so i just whip stitched across the rip and the top of the pocket.   i really don't know what i'm doing so i just made it up as i went. 
 i went across the top with a chain stitch so had something to work with from the top of the rip.   i couldn't make it look right going across from one side to the other.   then i came back across with the scallop on top and went back into the rip from the center of the rip on the chain.   
it turned out good i think.

now, i have to figure out the bottom of the pants . . .i'll get back to ya on that

i figured it out.

measured them down the seams and marked them so they were the same.   then i just folded twice and whip stitched around the bottom.   i just folded as i went so i wasn't trying to stitch around pins.

then i just crocheted in the same pattern as the top.   chain around the whole thing once.   then i chained 3, then double 3 in one stitch.   i think that's right.   sorry, i'm still learning technical terms.
 i stitched loose and crocheted loose so that they would still give a little.   the pants have a little stretch to them.   i had her try them on so i was sure them fit right and were straight.   the good news is, they were straight, loose enough, and not tight.   the bad news is, that she had gone through a growth spurt since the last time she tried them on and they didn't fit in the waist anymore.   that's why the ends are still attached and i didn't finish it before i took a picture.    good grief.   well, i learned something for next time.

next project - skirt!   she tried it on first and that one still fits.   but that's another post