Saturday, August 18, 2012

monte cristo

this is one of my favs1   i used to get them at jb's restaurant.   then when i was pregnant with my tomboy princess, i got a real craving for one but couldn't go get one.   my awesome mam called up and told the whole sad tale to the manager who told her how to do it for me.   what a nice mommy and what a nice manager man.   not surprising, it's my princess that loves them as much as i do.

here we go - the "secret recipe"   whatever, no secret.

start out by making french toast.

turn on your pan to a medium high heat then mix up your egg, get out swiss cheese, ham and turkey lunch meat, powdered sugar and some strawberry jam.

one egg and enough milk to make the eggs a light yellow.   about even portions.   one egg should make 4 pieces of toast.

dip and put your first 2 pieces of bread into the pan.   when the first side is done, flip it and add a slice of swiss to one piece and the lunch meat to the other.   this gives the meat a chance to heat and the cheese a chance to melt.

when the second side is done, i move the meat to the cheese side and then put the top on.   put it on your plate and cut it into 2 or 4 pieces.   i like the smaller "party size".   it's easier to eat.
 sprinkle the whole thing with powdered sugar.   i use a small cup to put my dipping strawberry jam in.   and i use a fork to put my strawberry jam on my sandwich.

simple, and delicious!   enjoy this "super secret" recipe!