Tuesday, August 7, 2012

totally random heidelberg

we went to heidelberg the other day and i am a freak with taking pictures of random things.   share the random with me, won't you?
 i thought this was a good idea but i'm wondering what is underneath.   does the water recycle through again and again or is it fresh every time?   hmmm. . . .i still don't know if i'd trust it.

 i just liked the way this lined up.   like i said, random.
 love me some graffiti
 this guy works as a statue on the street.   we see him most times we're there.   i wasn't impressed but the outfit is stylin'
 i think there was a vegetarian thing going.   they were asking people if they eat and handing out fliers.   i'd like to say something sarcastic like "no, i don't eat, why do you ask?"or "really, meat comes from animals?" maybe, "yes, i do eat meat, you look a little thin for me though.   i like more fat marbled into my meat, but thanks for the offer"
 just a drinkin' statue.   i love the statues and architecture in germany.

 awesome window metal work
 hello kitty!
 side street in the pedestrian area
 some of the musicians in the street.   when we walked up the street, there were two guys butchering a perfectly good song.   they might have known the whole song between them, but neither knew the whole thing themselves.   it was horrible.   these classic artists were in the same place when we walked back down the street the opposite way.   they were wonderful and, although i'm not a fan of classical music, i prefer these guys.
 this store has a plethora of wonderful christmas items all year long
 cobble stone and pigeon.   i call it, "static cling". . . kidding, it's just a picture of a bird on the street

 these are all of the library.   i love the gold accents and the statuary all over it.   i wanted to stand there and take pictures of every bit of it, but i had little blonde curls not wanting to stand around.   the building will still be there, the blonde curls keeps growing.   he's more important.

 the church across the street from the library.  
 most grave stones are disposed of after 25 or so years.   there isn't enough room to stay in the ground so you get 25 years and then you are removed to make room for the next generation of dead.   i don't know what they do with the "remains".   when i asked that, i was told there wasn't anything left by then.   i've been on archaeological excavations and even fish bones last that long.   i didn't want to burst the persons bubble.   and i just don't know but we will have to face that question in another 8 years when my husband's grandparents time expires.  yah for us and ugh, ick.
 however, if you were some special church type guy, your headstone and possibly your bones, will end up on display like this.   i have some pictures of bones wrapped in lace and ribbon and dried flowers.   i'll post them if i find them again.   little creepy for me but fascinating all the same.

here is the church
here is the steeple
open the doors and see all the people
close the doors and hear them pray
open the doors and they all go away

 window security but pretty

 statue perched on the side of a building
 i . . have . . a  . . headache!   i'm holding this up with my head here!   some of the architecture is creepy.

 thsi guy on the church is more chill.   i like him.

 love the dragons.   the combo of styles is interesting.

 flowers in the windows, covering the awnings.   i just love this.

 y? b-cuz
 this is so beautiful but i keep seeing madonna in the back of my head.   makes it hard to appreciate the gorgeous culture.

 13€ for a sucker.   i might could hit someone on the head with it and take their wallet though.   it had some weight to it
 this tiny pop of color.   i love it

 i took a picture of the antenna up there.   my tomboy princess on the other hand showed this pic to the towering teen because it has a game stop in it.   my priorities are all messed up.

 the big horse statue that my husband calls a frickin' chicken.
 superman moved and isn't so undercover evidently.
 mini train set at the train station that you can run for a €
 waiting for the real train
 graffiti love
the tunnel under the tracks.