Saturday, August 11, 2012

swiss pics

my towering teen recently had the opportunity to go to switzerland.   one of the perks of europe living.   you can drive to another country in a few hours.   he took a lot of pictures, i'm so proud! 

i'm sharing with you!
temple of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints in bern, switzerland
there's a bear park near where the kids were.   this is a cool balancing bear statue. and a real bear that is also cute but less approachable.

cool store window for a furniture maker
i'm still trying to figure these out
he just said he liked them
and thought they might be important

display of film canisters in another window
the place that lionel richie sits when he takes a break from dancing.
church steeple
what a good boy!   he knows i have a love for graffiti
building undre construction
this is an old chocolate factory.
part of the rails on the trains they rode.   love the texture
the swiss alps.   he said they really were that blue, even the air.   they were up near 10,000 feet at one point.   i assume it was the altitude.

the trains track with gears.   there are trains that run up the steep mountain grades and have gears in the tracks and wheels so they don't slide down the hill.   like a roller coaster.
the fencing
cows!   i love cows too.
he said all the cows and sheep had these huge bells around their necks.   the whole mountain side rang with them.   very cool!

just cool mountain pictures.

this is the gondola they got to ride down after hiking up the mountain.   the boys were shaking the gondola, making it swing.   one of the kids was freaking, so they stopped. . ya know . . in a minute.

i wanna visit now!