Thursday, August 9, 2012

more twisted tomboy

we're twisting up the princess again.   it's just so much fun!

this time, i found some little hair clips.   actually, they came from the orchids that i killed.   it was sweet for my husband to bring them to me, but orchids are picky and i don't do well with picky plants.   anyway, the little clips help.   

start with the top and section a small bit at a time.   twist, add more hair and twist some more.   this just holds the sides and front in.   your heading for a ponytail so clip it off where your going to put your pony.   after i got all the sides, top and one larger one on the bottom, twisted up, i pulled it into a pony.   then i just took little sections and twisted so it doubled back on itself.   i tucked the ends into the ponytail holder in different places so would cover more area.   

no secret, just twisting.      i think every princess should be a little twisted.

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