Tuesday, August 7, 2012

book mark with pencil holder.

a friend of ours was baptized last sunday and we wanted to give her a something.    i figured a n extra set of book marks and a place to put a pencil for marking important scriptures would be good.   how to do that . . .no idea.   after i started playing with it, it was really simple.   

take a piece of trim or wide ribbon.   measure it out as long as the book twice plus 3/4 length of your pencil twice.   yeah, i don't measure either.   i just took one end and a section from the center and pulled it down across the book folded it up and cut where the end hit.   like in the picture.
 after you line up the ends, fold the center up and over and stitch the top 3 layers together.   the layers you see in the picture above.   i whipped them together loose so i could crochet around the edge.   had i planned a little more i would have put stitches more strategically. . . maybe next time.
 i realized after i was crocheting that i hadn't stitched across the top opening for the pencil to in.   this turned out to be a good thing.   i crocheted loose across figuring on stitching it on later.   after i got the crocheting done and tried it out, i realized that tying it at the top would be to thick.  so i just flipped the section across the top of the pencil opening behind the bookmark and ran the other book mark through it as well.
 man, i hope the pictures are worth a thousand words becasue i can't explain this.
you can run it through the spine if its loose in the back or around the front or back of the book.
 hope you can understand what was a super simple to do but hard to explain project.
 it turned out great, was useful and inexpensive.   all things i love.   hope you enjoy it!