Tuesday, August 28, 2012

bummin' in bruschal

we went to bruchsal the other day to get me signed up for classes. we walked around for a while just to enjoy the day and i, of course, had to take pictures.
this is the main church in bruchsal.   i always love the way it hits the sky.   there was actually a street market that day so i ducked behind some flowers to hide the stalls.
loving the colors of these flowers in one of the market stalls.
this is a performing artist there.   she stands like a statue and then moves when people come by.   she has a dog toy squeaker in her mouth so she inhales and exhales as she moves to make a variety of squeaks as she moves.   she squeaks thank you and good-bye too.   the kids enjoyed her and all wanted to leave her some coins.
this is a cool fountain in the town square.   there are matching pieces in the area.   the water feature has the man spitting water and two fountains.

this is a nearby bench.   i love the little pieces set into the sides.   the kids spent some time examining them to see what all there was.  it's like mini i spys.
i spy with my little eye. . .a rabbit
a wing nut . . .
a nose . . .
and a long coat.   see?   fun
this is another part in the little grouping.  this is one side view of the woman's face.
she is actually right side up but for some reason, my computer wants to load her sideways, no matter what i do.   who am i to argue with creative licence?
thisis the other side.   my blonde curls likes the baby on the side
this is the top of the posts where the pieces are.   this just looks like a spaceship hiding out to me.   it's actually a view from directly under the following shots.

this one wants to be sideways too.   no idea.
this is a cover for people to wait for the bus.
this one is actually down the road a bit.   i love the little reflections in the balls and the things on the sides that look like spoons to me.
ok, this was short but fun.   stay tuned for more fun and funky stuff.