Monday, August 13, 2012

she shell pony

this is the same braid i did before . . . but different.

i decided where i wanted the pony and then sectioned off the front in a curved tear drop shape that ended where the pony went.   under braided that section to keep it out of my way.   we are still growing some extra bangs out so braiding the front really well is a must for us right now.   that tends to rule what her hair fashions can be.    braid it to the end.
then i braided the larger section but instead of just a basic braid, i only pulled tiny sections of hair from the edge into the braid.   this is going to kind of cage the rest of the hair in.    keep going until you get up to where your going to pony and braid to the end.   then brush the ends of the loose hair that it sticking out just to smooth it and draw it up into a pony.   i braided that part but you could leave it loose.   my tomboy princess needs it braided or it's awful to brush at the end of the day.
this holds really well but i wouldn't try it for a gymnastics day or something really active.   it's fine for the basic roughneck day though.

enjoy the she-shell with or without the she-shore.