Thursday, August 16, 2012

hawaiian toast

one of my hubby's favorite things.   always nice when he likes what i make.

super simple.

drain some pineapple, slice or grate your choice of cheese, get out some lunch meat if you like, and some bread of choice

heat the oven to a low 100*f  - 150*f

slap down your piece of bread on your oven rack

lay out your lunch meat on your bread if you want some

add some pineapple to each piece.   use a whole ring or just lay out some chunks

top it with your cheese slices or shredded cheese.   we used cheddar in the states but here cheddar isn't cheap or easy to find.  when you do get it, it doesn't taste like cheddar cheese in america.   we're trying something else.

closer her up and let the cheese melt