Friday, August 17, 2012

loopy locks

here we go again!

of course i started with those shorties in the front.   so braid across the front then i just started back across.   

a little over half way across i snaked back the other way.   i ended up just across the center at the bottom so i continued the circle back up and around to where it naturally seemed to meet up with the braid.   i tucked it through a section of the braid and still had quite a bit left over so i just did it again, and again, in consecutively smaller circles.   
the braid wasn't ending even and i just needed to be done so i just left the tail long.   when i tucked the end of the 3rd loop in, i made sure the end stuck out sideways.   we're into funky.

 up off the neck and fun at the same time.   can't beat that.

go get loopy!