Thursday, August 16, 2012

thankful zerbert thursday

definition of a zerbert also known as a zrbtt

today has been a long day.   i kept thinking about what i was grateful for but also kept getting distracted by life.   then, at bed time, my blonde curls discovered that he could zerbert our couch.   he likes the traditional good night zerbert and has become quite the expert.    after his extraordinary couch zerbert, a half hour of all out zerbert wars ensued.

all 3 of my bedlam-ites can zerbert the bottom of their own feet.   that's quite a talent show to see.

they had reverberation contests to see who could vibrate the couch the most.

denton was, i think, the most successful.   he can zerbert  necks, backs, the table, and foreheads in addition to the traditional cheeks, hands, bellies, arms, legs, and feet.

i always welcome laughter and giggles, goofy and silly fun in this house.    so today, i am grateful for zerberts.  

the next time your feeling down, and need a hug, i hope someone hugs you until you are feeling better, and then i hope they zerbert your cheek, just for good measure.